Live Maputing Cooking demonstration at Youtube Happy Hour

This month Chris Urbano was invited to demonstrate is modern take on Pinoy cooking at the Youtube Happy Hour in Manila!!

With so many guests lining up to try his cooking, of course Urbano needed a little help from the audience calling on three of the Youtubers present to help him on stage with the recipe. His volunteer chefs were treated to an onstage wine tasting with the food and tried on the Official Maputing Cooking Apron theirs to take home!

With only simple cooking equipment and no stove top or oven for cooking, Urbano opted for a super easy Pinoy style Bean Salad with Kesong Puti paired with the Pizzini Rosetta . Fresh, Healthy, Simple and delicious when paired with the right premium Australian wine. Want to try it at home? You can watch a variant of this recipe at maputingcooking -Urbano prepared a version of it with Vigan Longganisa on MARS a few months back. Watch the video here

From what we can tell the recipe and Urbano’s demonstration we’re a hit and we’re looking forward to the next Youtube event. Check out #YTHappyHourPH on Twitter and Instagram for pics from the night!

Chris Urbano

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