Secret Ingredient for your Leche Flan this Holiday Season!

It’s Christmas just around the corner. Have you got any idea for a Christmas Dessert? Find out a secret to take you Leche Flan a notch higher than your traditional Leche Flan.

Tagalog speaking Australian and host of YouTube cooking show Chris Urbano is not a big fan of sweets, he’s always out and about promoting healthy cooking in his show, but even he has been bitten by the Christmas bug! So whenever he does binge on sweets, he says it’s got to be as sinful as it can be! What better way to treat himself to something sweet than with a Pinoy dessert favorite: THE leche flan! It’s rich and creamy flavor is enough for anybody to forget about healthy eating, at least this Christmas time. And just like what they say, ‘tis the season to go diet-free!

Leche Flan for the Holidays

In every Filipino home, leche flans always equates to special and festive events. A creamy leche flan is always one of the first things on Pinoys’ favorite dessert list!

What happens though when this sweet and creamy Christmas dessert gets a twist? Let’s find out!

Leche Flan Step 1

The rosemary and calamansi infused mixture heated for twenty minutes before combining with egg yolks and sugar.

In Chris Urbano’s Filipino version of crème caramel, he decided to give it his touch by sneaking in rosemary and calamansi to the leche flan mixture and give it a hint of zesty flavor. Combined with egg yolks, sugar, fresh milk, condensed milk and vanilla extract, he hoped not to butcher this well-loved Filipino dessert.

Leche Flan Step 2

Don’t forget to strain your leche flan mixture before pouring to your llanera with caramelized sugar


He strained the leche flan mixture with a cheesecloth to lessen air bubbles and achieve a creamier taste. And instead of cooking it via steaming, he baked it in the oven through water bath for 45 minutes to achieve better results. Baking leche flan instead of steaming it leaves you with an evenly cooked and with lesser air bubbles on your leche flan. Who wouldn’t want that?


Moment of truth

Creme Caramel in the Philippines

Kristel Urbano helped in preparing this Christmas dessert!

Leche Flan for Christmas

Chris invited his wife, Kristel, over at the Maputing Cooking kitchen, to be this episode’s taste tester. A little nervous at how the leche flan will turn out, Chris looks at his wife’s initial reaction after tasting. Her mom after all, makes a mean leche flan he’s got to compete with. Kristel gave it a huge bite, and gave him her stamp of approval! His reimagined leche flan with rosemary and calamansi is a win! This melt in your mouth dessert will definitely be present in his family’s Noche Buena table!

wine and dessert

Muscato’s sweet taste is perfect for leche flan.

Wine connoisseur Urbano paired the leche flan with Australian dessert wine Muscat, and the leche flan’s taste was made even better! Their sweetness complemented each other, it seemed like they’re made for each other.

If you’re still having a hard time what to serve to your family and friends for Christmas parties or your reunion, why not try this fresh take on leche flan to even sweeten your Christmas! Both kids and adults will go crazy over this “new” dessert!

Watch the video below for the entire episode!


Get the full recipe here :



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  • Virtual Private Server 8 months ago

    Anyways it was my first time to make Leche Flan and I have to say it wasn t really difficult as I thought it might be, it takes a lot of mixing and stirring and if you have right you will ome up withevery time the most ymmuiest leche flan. Because I think when we go to a Filipino party that s the first thing a look for in the dessert category.


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