Where did you find your first Ube Bae?

Most Filipinos know and adore Ube having grown up with it, but foreign foodies have just begun to realize how amazing our favorite purple root really is.

Ube  is purple yam, it’s a bright purple root crop indigenous to the Philippines, often used in sweet treats. When I think of ube, I remember my Lola making halayang ube or purple yam jam in our kitchen whenever there are special occasions. I also knew it’s Christmas time when we have this kind of dessert at home. My lola buys fresh ube from the market and makes jam in her heavy, deep kawali.  Then we help her stir the jam until it completely thickens.

There is a ground-breaking trend for Ube in America. They say Ube is the next Matcha! It’s “invading the dessert world,” GQ declares. Yahoo  also wrote, “These purple sweets are about to begin a meteoric rise in the American food landscape.”

We are all thrilled and proud here at Maputing Cooking that our very own Ube has been popping up in US and Canadian eateries and getting more recognition for its unique flavor. We gather a mix of modern and a never-forget where we first find and fall in love with this Ube Bae <3

Here we round up Ube treats for you that you can easily find in the metro

1. Ube Jam from Baguio’s Good Sheperd

What else will top our list but no other than a staple pasalubong everytime you’ll visit Baguio City! You don’t need to drive all the way to Baguio as this product is also available at Filipino shops and Supermarkets in Metro Manila

2. Goldilocks Ube Polvoron – Goldilocks

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Remember your Mom’s pasalubong? If it’s not a donut then its gotta be a Polvoron from Goldilocks! 😀

3.  BLK 513 Purple Drizzle Froyo

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For all you Froyo lovers out there check out Blk513 Ube drizzle, you’ll surely feel like it’s Christmas 😀

4.  Scout’s Honors Purple Yam with White Choco Chip Cookie

Who would say no to a cookie? Ube and white chocolate chip, why not?

5. UCC Cafe Ultimate Ube Cake

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This purple baby has the softest, fluffiest ube flavoured chiffon layered with fresh Ube Halaya and the lightest Macapuno Cream! Need I say more?

6. Annie’s Ube Langka Candy

Childhood candies will never be complete without this Ube Langka Candy!  

7.  Lala Ube Pastillas

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Every 90s kids local chocolate delight! Hello Lala~  I don’t know when they released this Ube flavor but we gotta try this one! 

8.  Selecta Ube Royale

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Tita’s and Lola’s gotta love this ice cream flavor for every occasion! 

9.  Michelle’s Putong Ube

Homemade Puto! A favorite of our Kabayans to bring to their second homeland for their foreign friends to try. This delightful bites is <3

10. Eng Bee Tin Hopia Ube

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Drive all the way to Ongpin in Manila and there you’ll find Eng Bee Tin stores full of traditional Chinese delicacies and this Hopia Ube that is already a Fil-Chinese fusion 😀   


Where did you first had your Ube flavored dessert or anything Ube? Let us know if we’re missing out on new Ube flavors we should try next! 😀

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