VLOG: How To Spot A Filipino Abroad

Filipinos are found everywhere in the world! OFWs, or Overseas Filipino Workers sacrifice their lives for their families by working abroad. Nearly everyone knows an OFW, whether a friend or their own mother or father, who works hard for the family.

In this new vlog, Tagalog-speaking Australian Chris Urbano shares his funny observations on a typical Filipino living or working abroad.

Top 5:

Sigaw ka ng “psst”, yung lumingon, Pinoy yun!

Top 4:

Videoke + Aegis song = 100% Pinoy yun!

Top 3:

If you go to a park on a Sunday in different parts of the world, Pinoy yun!

Top 4:

If you see someone with a second piece of luggage, preferably a big bo wrapped in packaging tape, Pinoy yun! #balikbayanbox

Top 5:

If magaling o mahilig sa discount, Pinoy yun!


Watch the funny video here:


Do you know someone who does these things as well? How about you? How can you tell if someone is a Filipino when you’re in a foreign land? Sound off in the comments below!

Big thanks to our fellow YouTuber, Mikey Bustos for allowing us to use his snap on this video!

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