You're walking around the mall and you feel your stomach rumbling. Your friend asked you "Saan tayo kakain?". You answered:

"Kahit saan" "Kahit ano" "Kung anong gusto mo" You just wasted 10 minutes of your life battling with your friend where you should eat. Pinoy ka nga.

You feel like your plate of ulam and rice is a bit bland and dry. What do you do?

Toyomansi, gravy, coffee, hot chocolate- basically anything that's liquid! Pour that all over your rice and taa-daa! Instant soup! YUM!

You attend a fiesta and you see a plate, tons of food, but no utensils. What do you do?

The first thing you'll do is to wash your hands. Next step, KAINAN NA! You're not afraid to use your hands while eating. Mas masarap 'diba?

The fiesta just ended and there's still a lot of food left. You're looking at the fiesta table, and you look at the tupperware on the kitchen counter. You look back again on the food, and back to the tupperware. What are you going to do next?

Don't like wasting food? Ipa-sharon mo na yan/ Ipabalot mo na yan!

You're walking down the streets of manila and you heard your stomach growling. Restaurants are too far from where you are. What will you do?

Grr! Your stomach is mad at you! Ikain mo na yan! Make tusok tusok the fishball just to get over your hunger. (Mamaya ka na kumain sa restaurant)

You are eating your favorite dish and then suddenly it got stuck in your throat! What are you going to do?

GIVE THE NUMBER! You are choking because someone is thinking of you. Whatever number your ate or kuya gave you corresponds to a letter in the alphabet. Now count! A is 1 B is 2. The next step is to call that friend of yours and tell him to stop. (Tama na kakaisip sa akin, ha?)

Your friendly neighbor gave you a plate of food. You wash the plate and then you...

Ulam exchange! It's kind of a tradition or an act of kindness to give back the plate full. Fill it up with your own ulam and give it to your friendly neighbor. Share tayo!

A friend invited you to his birthday party at 6 pm. It's already 5:45 pm and your friend texted you "Nasaan ka na?". You replied:

Filipino time! Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, if someone texted you "Nasaan ka na?" you will always reply "On the way na" and it means a lot of things. On the way sa banyo, on the way sa pagbibihis, on the way sa tricycle. You are always on your way!

It's 3 pm in the afternoon and you know it's time for a snack. What will you eat?

CARBS ON CARBS! Pansit plus pansit on a pandesal. Filipino snack = one complete meal. Don't forget that iced tea/ orange juice ha?

It's your birthday! Anong handa mo?

Spaghetti and Pansit para long life! Enjoy living a long life dapat!