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Beef Salpicao

Beef Salpicao Recipe | Filipino Cooking with Chris Urbano

This Beef Salpicao recipe is a quick stir-fry dish that can also double as pulutan aside from being the main dish. Learn how to cook quick, easy, and delicious Salpicao with Maputing Cooking!

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Unique Filipino Caldereta by Maputing Cooking

Caldereta is a classic Filipino beef stew that is widely popular in the Philippines. Caldereta can be cooked using beef, pork or mutton; with beef caldereta being the most popular among the three.

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Unique Filipino Nilagang Baka by Maputing Cooking

Nilagang baka is the ultimate Filipino beef soup. Nilagang baka is perfect for rainy days!

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Special Chili Con Carne by Maputing Cooking

Chili Con Carne is another Filipino favorite recipe! And because it is spicy, and Urbano sure loves his Pinoy food spicy, he makes his Chili Con Carne recipe spicier!

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Special Lamb and Gabi Mash by Maputing Cooking

A different take on lamb with veggie? Check out how to cook lamb cutlets with a Southeast Asian twist here! This lamb cutlets with veggie also comes with siling labuyo zing!

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Special Puttanesca (WARNING: SPICY!)

Spaghetti a la Puttanesca is a pasta recipe that originated in Italy. Puttanesca usually tastes tangy and salty. Here in Maputing Cooking, we’re making puttanesca – Chris Urbano style!

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