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Filipino Congee: Arrozcaldo Recipe

This dish can be a breakfast food, comfort food, or Merienda. Make your own Arrozcaldo at home!

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Homemade Tocino (Tosilog) | Filipino Breakfast

Here in the Philipines, Tocino is the typical sweetened, cured, red meat often served for breakfast. “Tosilog” (Tocino, Sinangag and Itlog) is a popular combo found everywhere

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Tortang Talong

Eggplant Omelette with Smoked Bangus (Tortang Talong)

This simple Filipino recipe take a few minutes that even an untrained cook can do it! Tortang talong or egg omelette is basically one whole eggplant that is charred, skinned and dipped in egg with fillings, and fried again until golden brown.

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Scrambled Eggs by Chris Urbano

Filipino Scrambled Eggs by Chris Urbano

Pinoy scrambled eggs paired with a hot pandesal and a steaming cup of kapeng barako, siguradong solb na ang umaga mo!

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Filipino Chocolate Rice Porridge (Champorado)

This is known as a thick chocolate drink in Mexico. They use Corn Masa to thicken and add milk and chocolate to make it rich.

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Filipino Healthy Breakfast Banana Pancake

Fluffy and yummy banana pancakes, anyone? Here’s a banana pancake recipe even your little one will surely love!

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Filipino Healthy Kale Salad Recipe by Chris Urbano

Still having a hard time how to get back into shape this year? Sablay ba ang balik alindog 2016 project mo? Here’s a healthy kale salad recipe that will help you get back in shape!

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Longganisa Baked Eggs (Longsilog Food Hack)

Longsilog with a twist?! Yes, we’re not kidding here at Maputing Cooking!

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Special Healthy Filipino Breakfast with Kesong Puti by Maputing Cooking

Tagalog speaking Australian Chris Urbano shows you how to cook kesong puti with kamatis and tinapay perfect for your Aussie breakfast.

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