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Easy-to-cook Bistek Tagalog Recipe

Every household here in the Philippines has their own version of Bistek Tagalog. This dish is simple, quick, and easy to make. Some tips that you can do for a savory bistek is to use thinly sliced beef. Marinade your beef for 2-4 hours or the best is to keep it inside your refrigerator overnight […]

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“Beaten” Chicken Stew | Pinikpikan Recipe

Pinikpikan is a dish originating from  Cordillera in Northern Luzon. Pinikpikan came from the word “Pik Pik” which means “to beat”. Being a controversial dish in the Philippines for it involves beating a live chicken, I was challenged by culinary students from SKD Academy  to make my version of pinikpikan. Just a reminder: NO CHICKENS […]

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Kare-Kare Recipe

Kare kare is a dish that filipinos love to eat. It tastes bland by itself but when you pair it with bagoong, the mixture of flavors makes this dish stand out. It is usually served during special occasions but you can make it yourself at home and eat it for lunch or dinner. This recipe […]

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Adobong Kangkong Recipe by Chris Urbano

Adobo is a well-known dish here in the Philippines. Tagalog speaking Australian chef Chris Urbano makes his own- vegetarian style. Try cooking this easy recipe of Adobong Kangkong at home. Adobong Kangkong Recipe   Save Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 5 mins Total time 10 mins   A Vegetarian dish that is a […]

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Chop Suey with Quail Eggs & Squid Balls

It was once believed that the dish Chop Suey originated in America, made by the early Chinese Immigrants there. It came from the word “Tsap Seui” meaning Miscellaneous Leftovers. But some suggested that it is named chop suey because it’s “Chopped Sewage.”

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Ukoy Recipe | Filipino Shrimp Fritters by Chris Urbano

Okoy originated in Laguna, Philippines. It is similar to a savory pancake with shrimps and vegetables. Some also add sprouts and tofu for a healthier take on the traditional Okoy.

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Classic Pinoy Pork Barbecue

Pork Barbecue is a favorite food-on-a-stick of Pinoys regularly seen on festive occasions like Birthday Parties, Fiestas or just even on the side streets and “Turo-Turo.”

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Beef Salpicao

Beef Salpicao Recipe | Filipino Cooking with Chris Urbano

This Beef Salpicao recipe is a quick stir-fry dish that can also double as pulutan aside from being the main dish. Learn how to cook quick, easy, and delicious Salpicao with Maputing Cooking!

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Homemade Tocino (Tosilog) | Filipino Breakfast

Here in the Philipines, Tocino is the typical sweetened, cured, red meat often served for breakfast. “Tosilog” (Tocino, Sinangag and Itlog) is a popular combo found everywhere

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Tortang Talong

Eggplant Omelette with Smoked Bangus (Tortang Talong)

This simple Filipino recipe take a few minutes that even an untrained cook can do it! Tortang talong or egg omelette is basically one whole eggplant that is charred, skinned and dipped in egg with fillings, and fried again until golden brown.

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