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Barbecue Longganisa Bean Salad

Longganisa is one of the Filipinos favorite breakfast viand paired with egg and fried garlic rice. This sweet meaty and fatty sausage is one of the best appetizing dishes in town.

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Unique Filipino Adobo | Filipino Recipe

Adobo is the quintessential Pinoy recipe. Almost every region has their own take on this well-loved Pinoy dish.

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Special Sisig | Filipino Recipe

What happens when an Australian tries to make his own twist on Pinoy’s beloved pulutan – pork sisig? A kangaroo sisig! Are you up for this?

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Bicol Express

Unique Filipino Bicol Express by Chris Urbano

Bicol express is probably the most popular Bicol dish and is believed to be named after the passenger train service, Bicol express.

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