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Chris Urbano’s Top 5 List of Filipino Food To Go Global

Chris Urbano lists 5 Filipino food that he thinks will go global. Are you excite to find out what these foods are? 5. Pinakbet or Pakbet 4. Lechon We haven’t done any episode about lechon but you can check Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations Philippines Bizarre Foods – Manila 3. Humba 2. Laing 1. Sinigang Pork […]

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Delicious easy to make Filipino Sangria Recipe | Chris Urbano

A sangria “by Filipinos, for Filipinos”! You ready for this? There are a lot of ways to prepare Sangria, but here’s a recipe perfect for the Pinoy palate: a very light colored rose, made using the sangiovese grape varietal, and flavor it with Filipino citrus including dalandan and calamansi. Sangiovese is known for strawberry notes, […]

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