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Ube Filipino Dessert

Where did you find your first Ube Bae?

Most Filipinos know and adore Ube having grown up with it, but foreign foodies have just begun to realize how amazing our favorite purple root really is. Ube  is purple yam, it’s a bright purple root crop indigenous to the Philippines, often used in sweet treats. When I think of ube, I remember my Lola making […]

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Secret Ingredient for your Leche Flan this Holiday Season!

It’s Christmas just around the corner. Have you got any idea for a Christmas Dessert? Find out a secret to take you Leche Flan a notch higher than your traditional Leche Flan. Tagalog speaking Australian and host of YouTube cooking show Chris Urbano is not a big fan of sweets, he’s always out and about […]

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Will you be the next Filipino Masterchef in Darwin Australia?

Chef Urbano brings food and fun from the Philippines to a local and global audience of Filipinos looking to reconnect and recreate Filipino culinary traditions abroad. Urbano believes Filipino cuisine is the ‘next big thing’, and is a pioneer in showcasing Filipino cooking to an international audience; especially in Australia. A part of the Northern […]

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